Software Engineering

What successful software engineering teams know about culture

The idea that culture is important to an organization’s success isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Legendary CEO and investor Ben Horowitz just published a whole book about how culture created success for everyone from Ghengis Khan’s army to Shaka Senghor’s prison gang. …

Software Engineering

Illustration of Edward Lee Smith at his early computer

This Black History Month, I want to start by acknowledging how far the technology industry has to go to achieve anything resembling racial parity. Tech workers are just 3.1% Black nationwide, with Silicon Valley being just 3% Black. And things may actually be getting worse. Around 1% of tech entrepreneurs

Engineering Management

man looking at himself in the mirror asking himself a question

First Round’s interview with Engineering & Product Leader Raylene Yung was filled with great advice for early-career Engineers and Engineering Managers. But the part that really stood out to me was Yung’s advice for Engineers moving along the management track. …

Working more efficiently

These apps make working from home just a little easier.

Header image for 7 Productivity Apps to Help You Survive Working From Home.

For some, it’s a focus miracle. For others, a disaster. But for most of us, working from home full-time is undeniably different. New needs call for new apps, so now’s a good time to re-evaluate your productivity toolset. …

If you manage Engineering Managers, you need a basis on which to promote and compensate them. Here are some tips.

Header image for “How to evaluate Engineering Managers” showing man surrounded by charts looking uncertain

“What gets measured gets managed,” is one of those office-isms we may have heard quoted without context. …

Legendary CEO and investor Ben Horowitz considers one-on-ones vital enough that he was willing to fire a senior leader if he didn’t start holding them.

The one-on-one is where managers and their reports:

  • Build trust
  • Learn how to best work together
  • Exchange vital information that doesn’t come up in any…

[Updated 7/6/2020]

Ah, Wunderlist. I hardly knew ye.

Microsoft bought Wunderlist and shut it down on May 6, 2020. That’s when users stopped being able to update or edit lists or tasks.

This piece is, shall we say, personal for me. I’ve managed my to-do list with Wunderlist since 2014.

It’s 10 am, you’re at work, and a calendar invite comes in. If you’re like most Engineering Managers, you probably accept it as long as that time is free. Especially when you’re new to management, you often don’t know which meetings are necessary and it’s hard to say no to…

According to Agile Programme Manager Steven Thomas, “The most common problem I’ve seen with software development teams is over commitment.” At any one time, an estimated 60% of software professionals are overcommitted.

Mike Register of SolutionsIQ defines overcommitting as “attempting to fit too many units of work into an iteration.”…

Clockwise has a faster way to see how much time your teammates have available to work. The old way requires trying to figure out who has bandwidth by looking into every possible person’s calendars and the tasks they’re assigned in your project management or resource management software. …


Clockwise is a smart calendar assistant that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.

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